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11 drawings of 25×45 cm on recycled butter-type paper are abstract drawings where there is a search from free architectural strokes, to find a shape, an idea of ​​a surface, a landscape. They are like planes of abstract surfaces, they are sketches and it is called “It moves”. Another one that I have called “Search for tubes” and consists of the study of unexpected shapes where these pipes coexist, it is a formal search for crooked, decomposed, more organic cylindrical surfaces such as penises or large tree trunks, or snakes. .
Those tubes that I draw, what do they mean? It is how I understand the surfaces, I do not predetermine them, I discover them. The first gesture begins with a force that should come from the buttocks or the abdomen or a twisting back, from there the lines come out. The tubes tell us: here is a body that moves that connects with another or with many bodies that want to rise, perhaps without ever touching. Abstractions also show an ability to capture volume and alter surfaces to play with perspective.
They are images of human elements of skin and genitalia, or of androgynous curves and mucus that embrace.